Loch Etive Field work

Last week, the HABarchive team joined forces with SAMS (Oban) for some sediment sampling on Loch Etive aboard RV Calanus. The trip also took out some of our St Andrews students participating in Bill Austin’s honours module class; Oceans and Climate, as well as some second year volunteers.

image1. Students and HABarchive team at  Kilchurn castle, Loch Awe.

The trip was a huge success, collecting sediment grabs, cores, and water samples from the CTD (A CTD  is an oceanography instrument used to determine the conductivity, temperature, and depth). We also saw some of Scotland’s most charismatic wildlife, including a SEA EAGLE!

Samples have now been returned to the lab ready for processing and analysis!

The weather was very kind to us for both days, bearing in mind it’s October in Scotland. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved who made this run as smoothly as it did, in particular the HABarchive team, our students, the team from SAMS, and of course, the RV Calanus Crew who looked after us so well!

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